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Scans and Prices

We like to keep things, clean, simple and exclusive to you so our pricing structure is built to reflect this. Chose from 3 different private options, a Lullaby Baby Shower, or see how to take a wee bit off the price if you’re tightening the purse strings in preparation for baby’s arrival by sharing your experience with a friend (or two!)

See, Hear, Explore  £75 See, Keep, Share  £90 See 4D, Share, Bond  £120 See, Share, Share - Take a THIRD OFF the price of your scanLullaby Baby Shower £150

This option is available at any time from 12-36 weeks but recommended once you’ve had your anatomy scan. It’s a lovely option if you’d just like some bonding time with your baby, curious about what’s going on in there or wish to share your pregnancy experience with other family members around the world.

What’s included:

  • See and listen to the heartbeat in 2D
  • Take a look between the legs to see girl bits or boy bits (if they will allow us to! 20-24weeks)
  • Explore baby’s features in 2D- don’t worry, we’ll tell you what you’re looking at!
  • Experience the scan on your TV (if it has a VGA connection)
  • FaceTimeâ„¢ or Skypeâ„¢ your session to friends or family

In addition to this you may wish to keep the memories or see baby in 4D. Use the menu on the left to explore further options.

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Keep the memories from your Lullaby Baby experience. As well as all the features included in the See, Hear, Explore option we will continuously capture still shots and cine clips of your little one wriggling around. All images and cine clips will be uploaded to your own login area of the site for you to download and share across your social networks by the next day following your scan.

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Best at 26-30weeks for ‘Babyface’ images, but you can have one any time between 16-36weeks if you like.

What’s included:

The See, Keep, Share option with a 4D and ‘Virtual HD’ experience. Our favourite scan for you and the most popular option amongst our clients.
Your chance to check out those chubby cheeks, see which side of the family your baby’s eyes and nose come from and spend some real bonding time with your baby. Play your favourite music, lullabies or hypnobirthing tracks to see how your baby responds.
Take your own recordings and pictures of your session on smartphone or tablet.
All pictures and cine clips are included.

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If you’re being penny-wise for your new baby coming why not share any experience with a close friend or two? We will take a third off the total price of your scans if you would like to share the experience with a friend or two at the same time, in the same home. Please contact us at contact@lullabybabyscans.co.uk to enquire and Book.

Treat your friend to a Lullaby Baby Scan experience as part of the all-important event for any pregnant lady- the Baby Shower or Baby Sprinkle (for those who are on their second or third..or fourth baby). We will attend your event either in a home or venue with our equipment and innovative scanning games to play.

The session will include all the features of the ‘See 4D, Share, Bond‘ option plus some quirky and original Lullaby Baby Scan games for everyone to join in with.

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