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If you’re a fan of our fresh colour combo and party essentials here, why not give it a like? We’re dreaming of one day offering babyshower packages just like this one for you to enjoy :)

How to create the Ultimate Baby Shower

Dare we launch into how to create a Baby Shower different from any you’ve been to before?

We simply have to invite you to try a cheeky Lullaby Baby Scan to top-off the entertainment and frivolity of the shower you already have planned. An ultrasound scan is a totally new and unique feature to make your shower special and an occasion to remember. Lullaby Baby Scans are flexible, bespoke and are brand new in the world of baby showers. In addition to all your games, gifts, decorations and tasty treats, you’ll be able to let your mum-to-be share the little person she is growing in her cosy belly!


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The session is your own to tailor around the wishes of your mum-to-be. We can visit your shower on the day and treat the mum-to-be to a private scanning session (in her bedroom if she is a little more reserved ☺) or she can choose to showcase the new addition to her family in front of the party. If she is happy with it (you might want to tell her first rather than make it a surprise!) we will take her through what we’re looking at, identify features of the baby and take some all-important still pictures and cine clips for her to keep afterwards.

We can play some fun and silly Lullaby Baby Shower Games too…it’s totally up to you. One of our most popular games gets a little competitive but has people rolling around in stitches…


Guess What? is a firm fav of ours…Split into teams or stay solid as individuals and try to guess which feature of the baby you are seeing…sounds easy? Try it without a sonographer keeping you right!

The Sweepstake Have a go at estimating baby’s leg length, foot size, hand width, and head measurements…the results are hilarious and very mixed indeed!


Get Planning!

Non-alcoholic drinks
Themes and essential party supplies
Games and creative activities
Nappy Cakes
Goody Bags and Favours
Lullaby Baby Shower Package

A bit of history….

Baby Showers are quickly growing in popularity throughout the UK following the recent trend from our fast-paced cousins across the pond. The US has seen a huge increase in social appetite to ‘shower’ expectant mums-to-be with gifts, tips and yummy food at a party thrown just for her with friends, family and even partners! Baby showers actually date back to the Egyptian and Ancient Greek times where rituals were performed during pregnancy to ensure a safe labour and childbirth. Following WWII and the baby boom era of the 1950-60’s women would attend gatherings for pregnant women to share clothing, toys and advice to lessen the economic burden of childcare…add in a little 21st century technology and a plethora of products for newborns and the Modern Day Baby shower was born! A baby shower is most popular with first-time mums as they don’t have anything in their cavalry for a newborn but they can still be popular with 2nd, 3rd or 4th time mums… cue the Sprinkle. A slightly more modest and less ‘gifty’ than the Shower but no less fun or exciting.

So what normally happens at a Baby Shower??

Just to clarify…there is no actual ‘shower’, no water, nobody gets wet. Unless you’ve created a really fun/weird game to play. The term shower comes from a showering of gifts and the whole event is essentially a party (any excuse!) for the pregnant lady having the shower. Any good party consists of fun, games, music, food, gifts, a bit of banter and …wait…no booze??!! Don’t worry, there are plenty of grown-up, non-alcoholic alternatives out there. More about that later.

Who plans it and how?

It would be a bit of a shame for an expectant mum to be organising her own shower…usually a close friend or family member will take the reins and create a shower to remember. The ideal time to have a baby shower is any time after 24 weeks, and most people will usually wait until the third trimester but leave a bit of a buffer before their due date so 28-37 weeks is usually about right. Plan a budget…baby showers can be very expensive but they don’t have to be. You can get everyone to chip in with gifts and cakes etc.

Get organised!

The absolute key to any good party. Pregnant women and their friends enjoy organisation because it’s the only way our lives can function effectively while juggling work, kids, parents, housekeeping…. Your group of friends will be no different. Get your invites out 1-2 months in advance. Include the basics like venue, contact details, timings etc.

Get Creative!

The best part!! Getting creative is essential to making your event a unique and personal experience for your mum-to-be and her guests. You may wish to pick a theme, colour scheme, decorate your venue or house, treat your guests to goody bags, and come up with inventive ideas for games or creative tasks they can all join in with.

Get everyone fed!

Food. Crucial. Keep it simple…things like a BBQ in summer or afternoon tea are ideal. If you’re having your event in a hotel/professional venue they will likely provide you with various options. A high tea with plenty of finger foods is a winner every time though. Try these for some grown-up alternatives to soft drinks: 10 best non-alcoholic drinks

If you’re wanting something more homemade, a favourite of ours is elderflower cordial and apple juice mixed with sparkling water, tonnes of ice and a sprig of mint. Delish! Serve in champagne flutes, obviously.

A little more detail…

There is a LOT of babyshower information sprawled across the internet that largely comes from our proudly commercial and exuberant trans-atlantic pals in the USA. They really do know how to throw a party and make it look lush! Us British ladies are just a little more reserved when it comes to entertainment and celebrations so something a bit more under-stated may be called for.

For this article we’ve trawled through countless blogs and websites to hand-pick only the really decent ideas, themes and games that we would be prepared to use at one of our own Baby Showers for a close friend.


So, during my long ours staring at a computer screen picking only the very best themes I could for you ladies, I found an overwhelming amount of total rubbish available to make a Baby Shower ‘special’. Most party kits aimed at Baby Showers are: either pink or blue, ‘gender reveal’ or look like they have been designed for a tacky children’s party. We are NOT organising a CHILDREN’S PARTY! Babyshowers are for adults so, if you ask me, they should be styled to reflect this.

Baby It’s cold outside. Brrrrr!


A typical British year of weather which almost guarantees it usually is actually cold outside! Entice your Baby shower-ettes inside the cosy home with this tasteful, wintry, understated theme brought to us by www.ihearttoparty.com



Bang on trend. Have a browse through this Baby Shower perfection brought to you by Zuckermonarchie.

Colour Wheel


You might like to chose a couple of complimentary or unusual colour combos to get your party noticed. Maybe have a think back to the wedding colours of your mum-to-be or what her favourite colour theme is around her home. This gorgeous cake and bold colour scheme has been created by the lovely Carrie at Thecakeblog.com

Jack or Jill?

blue   pink

If your hostess knows the sex of her baby already you might like to have a traditional pink or blue themed shower. There are countless ideas for cakes, bunting, decorations, foods, games and gifts all based around this theme.

These are a few of Mum’s favourite things…

How about picking a theme which brings together some of your mum-to-be’s interests? Maybe she has a favourite film, game, TV programme, hobby or celebrity. The scope for these themes are endless! You can have a lot of fun deciding and creating new ideas for them.

Games, gifts and entertainment

We can sometimes be a little unsure about what sort of gifts we should bring for mum, as many friends and family like to bring gifts after the baby is born (it gives us an excuse to see the new addition!). It’s often a good idea to make a list of essentials and practical gifts for the shower as mums often end up with tonnes of newborn clothing and nothing they really NEED!   There are lots of other things you and your friends may like to add to the shower though. It might be an idea to provide the mum-to-be with an experience or some homemade things you can get stuck into at the shower.

Personalised BabyGrows and Bibs

How about embroidering some plain BABY GROWS with iron-on transfers or free-handing if you’re extra talented! We love these from myfabric.co.uk. Choose your own combinations from these little gems at Abakhan

Nappy Cakes


Click here for inspiration on how to personalise and decorate them.

Message on a nappy


Why not have a basket of nappies with a couple of pens nearby for guests to write funny, cute or sentimental messages on them (bear in mind they will be thrown out at some point though!). Good fun for mum to read at changing time. If you have booze at your event (not for the mum-to-be!) the results can be pretty entertaining. The changing-time revolution has begun…



Another lovely idea is for you all to pitch in making some bunting for the baby’s bedroom once he or she arrives. You don’t need to be master seamstress to achieve some beautiful results.

A pair of crimped scissors and a glue gun can give great results! or Try this no-sew option.  All you’ll need is some wundaweb and hair straighteners!

Gifts to buy

If you’re dead-set on giving mum and baby a gift at the shower here a few of our favourite websites to turn to…

Gifts for mum…

For babies…

Bespoke and unique…

Cute, clean, simple…

Amazing luxury hampers…

Organic luxury…

Games to play

So, without sounding like we’re planning a children’s birthday party, the essence and distinctive appeal of a Baby Shower is that there are some silly/fun/quirky games for you all to play.  Be prepared to unleash you inner Jessica Ennis-Hill!!

Jack or Jill?

If you are throwing a Gender Reveal party, draw up a sweepstake as guests walk in to the house. A simple chalkboard with Jack or Jill at the top and space for your guests to write their names will be all you need.

Don’t say Baby!!!

Use the same board to mark down each time someone says the word “Baby” at the shower. Prize for the shower-ette who has the fewest number of strikes at the end.

Who’s that baby?

Ask your guests to bring a picture of themselves when they were younger, pin them on a corkboard and get everyone guessing!

Message on a card

Get your guests to write some sentimental, heartfelt messages of support, advice and comfort on pretty cut-outs or printed cards. Hang them on some ribbons as the party continues to double-up as decorations too.

Decorate a building block

Despite huge leaps and advances in technology, babies still really enjoy playing with plain and simple wooden building bricks when they get a bit older. Why not have a few felt tip or milk pens and a set of blank wooden bricks laid out for all the showerettes to decorate?

Goody bags or favours



A Baby Shower is not a wedding, neither is it a children’s party so your overall feel for the party can be a subtle fusion of the two for everyone to enjoy. Favours are traditionally found at weddings but you might want to add something special to the table by providing a few individual keepsake gifts for each of your guests.

We hope this has given you some tips and inspiration for your own shower, we will be launching our own Lullaby Baby Shower Package soon. If we were to throw our own shower, this is what we would do…

Lullaby Baby Shower Package

What’s included:

  • Party Supplies. Plates, Snack bowls, Napkins, Cups, Straws, Table cloth, Baby Shower Banner, Cardboard cake stand.
  • Stationery: Invites and envelopes, favour boxes, gift bags, food and drink idea cards, Month-on-month transfers, instructions for baby mobile, bunting making, food labels.
  • Decorations: Nappy cake accessories and how to assemble card, Lullaby Baby bunting (x3), hanging pom-poms, lanterns and rosettes.
  • Games: Guess the Baby pegs and ribbon, Jack or Jill Sweepstake.
  • Craft activities: Baby grow and bib transfers, Make a mobile (full kit including needles and sticks), Needleless bunting for nursery. Instructions for all.
  • Gifts: Nappy Cake (separate), Wishing tree for thumb prints with ink, hand printed organic muslin cloths

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