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Welcome to the Lullaby Baby Scans Blog

Lullaby Baby Scans

And, so, here we have it. Our very first Lullaby Baby post on our new swanky website. The Blog will be written by myself, Jill, a doctor who has been training in obstetrics for the past few years but is currently taking some time-out of the serious side of life to enjoy some of the light-hearted bits!

I’d really like the Blog to include lots of educational posts, reliably sourced information, and the nuances of pregnancy from a doctors perspective…but I fully expect this will regularly be interrupted with a plethora of gifs, quizzes, top tens and gorgeous things to keep you occupied during these coming months! I am totally obsessed with home baking, trying new recipes, artsy/crafty stuff, party planning, home styling, hair products, cheese, fizzy wine and travelling the globe with my best pal (or better half as he’d like to think ) I have also developed a slight addiction to all things Baby Shower, hence our first article on how to throw the perfect one for your chosen lady.

If you like, I’d encourage you to contact me if you have any questions surrounding your ante-natal care, delivery or afterwards as I’d prefer you to get some real, well sourced answers rather than what’s available the unreliable and often slapdash forums and amateur websites out there. It’s a free, impartial and up to date service just for you. I can’t give out any specific medical advice but I’m happy to help you understand anything you’re not quite sure about.

Love you preggo ladies, can’t wait to get blogging!

How to create the Ultimate Baby Shower

Jill @ LBS

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