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Taking the stress out of pregnancy

Here at Lullaby Baby we want to take a bit of the stress out of pregnancy and provide you with just a fun little thing to do while you’re carrying your bump for the best part of a year….9 months of abstinence from Rollercoasters, Jacuzzis, Pate, HIIT, Brie, and Fizz. Seriously?! Seriously. You MUST be entitled to a few little luxuries along the way..?!

Our Baby Scans have been developed for you to bond and build a relationship with your baby before he or she is even born. We think you feel most at ease and in control when you’re in your own home, surrounded by friends and family so we have decided to bring the experience to you. We are not just about gender identification, or checking that ‘everything is OK’ because..well..our fantastic NHS does that for us, very well in fact. If you want the cheapest, slickest, churned-out factory sort of baby scan we aren’t the service for you. We really like hanging out with pregnant women (You’re all mega excited!) and think they deserve something a little more personal and less clinical.

If you are looking for a unique, exclusive, relaxing and contemporary event to remember during your pregnancy then you’ll LOVE the experience that Lullaby Baby Scans will bring to you :)



Why Home Scanning?

  • Feel comfortable and relaxed on your own sofa
  • See your baby on your HD TV screen
  • No scary feeling waiting for your scan..just excitement we hope :)
  • No time pressures or ‘factory feeling’ with other people waiting their turn
  • Introduce your new baby to their siblings in a familiar place to help with acceptance and understanding
  • No stressful experience taking toddlers out to an unfamiliar environment
  • Share your visual experience through video-phone technology to friends and family around the country or even further afield!
  • Record your unique and personal experience to look back on for years to come
  • Bond with your baby in your home environment, after all it will be their home for the next 21 years :)


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